After my poor experience with the iPod version of Sonic the Hedgehog, I wasn't holding out a lot of hope for Hudson Soft's introduction of its intrepid character Bomberman on the iPod. But as it turns out, the developer has done a fine conversion, bringing this classic video game character to the iPod.

Well, more specifically, Bomberman is now available on fifth-generation iPods, third-generation iPod nanos and iPod classics.

Although he may lack the brand identification of Pac-Man, Sonic or Mario, Bomberman is a true classic in every sense of the word. And if you don't know who he is, any video-game playing teenagers or kids in your household certainly do.

This intrepid little bomb-making robot got his start in Japan more than 20 years ago, first busting out on early home computers, then later on the Nintendo Entertainment System. He's been a mainstay on consoles ever since.

Gameplay in Bomberman is simple - you navigate a maze filled with bad guys and obstacles. You blast them both by planting bombs and running away so you're not caught within the blast radius. You can collect powerups and transfer from level to level using Warp Panels.

Navigate mazes and blow up your enemies using Bomberman's pyrotechnic skills in this picture-perfect iPod conversion.

Everything happens in a 2D world, where you see the action from overhead. Bobble-headed Bomberman makes his way through the maze, which changes from level to level, chased relentlessly by enemies. If the enemies touch him, he dies. Bomberman can set off bombs wherever he wants, but if he doesn't scoot out of the way of the blast fast enough, he, too, will be flamed and will lose a life.

Powerups imbue Bomberman with special abilities - Fire Up increases the blast radius by one square, for example, while Bomb Up lets you increase the number of bombs you can set. There's a Speed Up tile you can grab, along with an extra life tile.

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