Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (iOS) full review

Frequently lauded as a classic, Eric Chahi's 1991 adventure Another World (or Out of This World as it was known in North America) has finally been ported to iOS devices in its slightly upgraded 20th Anniversary Edition, but its archaic design hasn't aged well.

You play as Conan O'Brien look-alike Lester, a scientist who's experiments have transported him to (dun dun dun) another world. A side-scrolling platformer in the vein of Prince of Persia, Another World has plenty of imagination, but its stubborn reliance on trial and error is frustrating, while its sluggish controls make carrying out the simplest of tasks a Herculean effort. Its virtues lie in its unpredictability and vivid art direction.

Though maddening at times, it's easy to see Another World's rigidly scripted cinematic nature as a precursor to modern linear blockbusters like Uncharted, making this revered game a fascinating, albeit antiquated curio.


Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition (iOS): Specs

  • Supports iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.