Freecom Silver Store 2-Drive NAS full review

The Silver Store 2-Drive NAS is so new that it wasn’t even listed on Freecom’s website as we finished this review, but it’s an impressive NAS drive that will particularly appeal to small business users.

The Silver Store is available in 2TB, 4TB, and 6TB versions, but Freecom also sells it as an empty Drive-In kit that allows you to install your own drives if you prefer. The unit has two easily accessible drive bays, and it supports both RAID 0 and RAID 1 for extra performance and security, as well as providing a number of other useful features.

There are two USB ports that can be used to connect additional USB drives for extra storage, and one of those ports supports USB 3.0 – so that you can use the latest high-speed USB 3.0 drives. There’s also an option to perform secondary backups by copying data from the Silver Store onto a USB drive – so you have yet another layer of protection for your important files. The Silver Store wasn’t the fastest performer in this group, but its speed of 20.4MBps in our backup tests puts it in third place overall, which is still perfectly respectable.

Setting up the drive is fairly straightforward, although the Silver Store doesn’t have quite the same plug-and-play simplicity as Apple’s Time Capsule. The Silver Store includes a piece of software called Network Storage Assistant, which locates the drive on your network and allows you to easily access the various folders on the drive.

If you need to configure any other settings, the Network Storage Assistant simply switches you over to Safari and opens up the Silver Store’s web browser interface.

The browser interface allows you to adjust settings such as user accounts and shared folders, RAID configuration and the Tonido cloud option that provides remote access to your files (there’s also a Tonido app for iPhone or iPad). Most of these options are straightforward enough, although Freecom’s manual needs to pay more attention to Mac-specific details such as using Time Machine for backups.