Business Accountz is finance software that comes in three versions – Basic, Professional and Enterprise. Each version addresses an accounting need for a particular type of business. Basic is perfect for one-man bands/small business; Professional suits growing businesses; whereas Enterprise addresses the needs of larger business.

In the Business Accountz 2012 releases, there are two ways of working through the application. You can either use Rapid Data Entry, which is best described as the power user mode, or the new Eazy Button. See also: Group test: what's the best finance software?

A click of the Eazy Button takes you to a sixteen-by-sixteen grid, with seven headings at the top – Buy/Pay, Sell, Bank, Report, Set Up, Tax and Tax/Year End. Each heading leads to a number of buttons that perform a specific function in relation to the rest of your accounts.

On the Buy/Pay page you can add a supplier, remove a supplier, buy a company vehicle, buy products for resale, and more. Each button refers directly to that single aspect of your accounts and allows you to carry out that specific function, usually within three or four screens. It’s extremely easy, and moves the focus away from the terminology and directs you straight into what you need to do.

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Also added to the Enterprise version are Supplier Tracking (letting you trace products bought from a particular supplier and the payments for those products); Purchase Orders (for creating orders for products directly against your accounts so you don’t need to re-enter the data later); and Automated Entries (letting you configure regular transactions – whether they’re payments into your accounts, or payments out).

It’s still reliant on third-party support for Payroll, but the tight integration of the package focused around the Eazy Button will leave you more than enough free time to deal with that.

The emphasis in the Business Accountz range has always been to remove jargon and allow for faster access to information about your money. With the Eazy Button, Business Accountz is now the most straightforward way to manage your money. It’s multi-platform; support is free and reports are in a format your accountant will understand.

Business Accountz 2012: Specs

  • Mac OSX 10.4 or greater, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Ubuntu Linux
  • 1GB RAM
  • Mac OSX 10.4 or greater, Windows 7/Vista/XP, Ubuntu Linux
  • 1GB RAM


We like that Business Accountz 2012 has the Eazy button the simplifies, well, everything. This software is full featured and lets you self submit your VAT return. It's just a shame it links to a third-party Payroll service rather than having an integrated offering.