Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless full review

If you spend £93 on a mouse, you want it to be a mighty fine one - and Evoluent's VerticalMouse 3 Wireless is worth every penny.

When we first met the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless, we thought it was a gimmick.

First, the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless is an odd-looking beast, somewhat resembling the dorsal fin of an obese shark. Second, it seems to be a solution in search of a problem - after all, how many of us have injuries from mousing?

But after climbing the inevitable learning curve required by a new way of performing a tried-and-true operation, we're converted. Grasping the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless in a comfortable hand-shaking position, using its five well-placed buttons, and benefitting from its precise 1,200-dpi resolution, we've experienced comfort and control we never thought possible.

The reason for this added comfort is simple. With your arm at a more natural angle - that is, with your wrist at a right angle to your desk-your forearm's bones (the radius and ulna, for you medical types) and muscles aren't unnaturally contorted. The Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless's buttons are... well... vertical, so clicking them is accomplished by a gentle squeeze.

Not that the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless is perfect. Despite the mouse's sky-high price, Evoluent doesn't provide an Apple OS X-compatible driver - which is a shame, considering that its Windows driver is chock-full of fine customisation features, such as the ability to toggle among three pointer-speed settings, click locking, and even an audio-visual break reminder.

Moreover, there's no left-handed version of the Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless available.

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless is a bit hefty, as well; with its two (included) AA batteries installed, it weighs a full 0.2kg. Some mousers may find this weight a literal drag, but we felt that it was an aid, as it helped keep the VerticalMouse from overreacting to the sideways clicking of its finger buttons.

The Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless's interference-busting 2.4GHz wireless signal is picked up by a USB dongle, solid black save for a blue LED that tells you when it's receiving a command. This compact 38x13x6mm unit won't block any adjacent USB ports, no matter how closely spaced yours are.

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Evoluent VerticalMouse 3 Wireless: Specs

  • 1200dpi true optical hardware resolution
  • 113x80x77mm
  • 189g
  • 2x AA alkaline batteries