Mail Manager is a plugin for Microsoft Outlook designed to make your use of the office email program more productive

Named for simplicity, Mail Manager is an Outlook plugin that makes your use of email more productive. A document management system accessed from your email tool, it allows you to treat messages in much the same way as other documents, such as Microsoft Word files.

Mail Manager adds a toolbar to Outlook. Options include 'File email', 'Search' and 'Snap 'n' Send'. It's simple to use, and makes it easy to keep related data together without having to hunt through emails. Your network manager will love it too: mail organised by Mail Manager is stored in local system folders, allowing you to maintain that mythical beast: 'the zero inbox'.

You can also file messages when disconnected from the network: Mail Manager marks affected mail as pending and files them in the background when you log on.

After a short while Mail Manager starts to suggest locations to file emails and files based on your previous behaviour. For disorganised users such as your author this on-the-fly filing, combined with fast, accurate search, will make Mail Manager a useful addition.

The search preview highlights your search terms, highlighting in turn the continued paucity of Outlook's native search. Even better - as you search, Mail Manager saves the index locally to speed things up and gives you offline access to the indexed messages.

Snap 'n' Send is a feature new to this release of Mail Manager. With it you can capture a portion of your screen, add notes, and create a PDF to send to a colleague. It's a nice touch, easy to use, and potentially useful in collaborative working.

We wish that Mail Manager was as good-looking as it is useful. Its cartoony icons make Outlook 2010 look Mac-like, and the whole look and feel is more Outlook XP than Mac OS X.

Finally, although Mail Manager 5.2 is aimed at businesses, it’s eye-wateringly expensive for a single-user licence. If you’re simply looking for improved Outlook search, we'd recommend the $29 Xobni.

For screen-capture try the £38 SnagIt, or just share your desktop for free with

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Oasys Mail Manager 5.2: Specs

  • Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook, email account, internet connection
  • Windows
  • Microsoft Outlook, email account, internet connection


At £115 it's difficult to recommend Mail Manager to individual users, but the licensing gets cheaper as you add seats, so a 100-person office could recoup the cost of admission with the efficiencies and collaboration it indisputably promotes. It's intuitive and stable, and offers features that every workforce needs.