ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+ full review

The ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+ graphics card is a decent gaming graphics card at a thoroughly reasonable price.

ECS's Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+ is a nice twist on the basic 8500 GT architecture. While it shares many of its features with the Asus EN8500GT Silent, it offers increased performance.

The ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+'s core and memory clock speeds, not so spectacular at their default settings, have been raised by ECS to a more palatable 500MHz and 450MHz.

The ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+ produced slightly improved framerates, pushing the MSI up to the 30fps (frames per second) mark that's critical to a game being playable. We'd prefer 40fps or 50fps, but you can't have everything.

The 8500 GT theoretically supports DirectX 10.0. In reality, the ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+ will make a dog's breakfast of the sophisticated games titles that will be programmed to take advantage of DirectX 10.0. However, performance on current games isn't at all bad, given the low price point.


ECS Elitegroup N8500GT-256DY+: Specs

  • nVidia GeForce 8500 GT graphics processor
  • 256MB GDDR2 RAM
  • core clock 500MHz
  • memory clock 450MHz (900MHz DDR effective)
  • manufacturing process 0.08-micron
  • 16 stream processors
  • 128bit memory interface
  • PCI Express
  • DirectX 10.0
  • DVI
  • video-out

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