Draw Something by OMGPOP full review

Draw Something is the latest fad app for iOS and Android, and everybody knows somebody who's addicted to the Pictionary-style game. Not all of us are artists, but you shouldn't let that put you off giving it a go. Scoompa's free Draw Something Assistant can turn your cack-handed doodles into beautiful and, crucially, recognisable images. See also How to make a stylus and Draw Something tips and tricks

The Draw Something Assistant offers up a selection of illustrations via a Bing image search; choose one, open Draw Something, then shake your smartphone or tablet to have a semi-transparent image appear onscreen. You can then simply trace its outline with a finger or stylus. It's cheating, yes, but it beats taking the easy route and writing down the word you're trying to depict. Another shake of the screen and the tell-tale image is gone. Go to Draw Something review.

The app works independently to Draw Something, meaning it's also functional in other drawing and note-taking apps. This is potentially brilliant for kids practising their drawing skills, since it allows them to trace and colour in pictures of their favourite cartoon characters and the like. Depending on the app, it could then be saved, printed out and stuck on the bedroom wall. And unlike Draw Something, it also works in both portrait and landscape modes. Visit Best Draw Something Stylus.

Since the images are provided by Bing rather than the app itself, it's easy enough to adjust your search query and get more relevant results. However, it also means some images returned are watermarked - there's no copyright concern, given that your Draw Something doodles aren't published, although it can rather spoil the effect. One you've selected an image, you can move, resize and rotate it before opening it in your selected app. See also Top ten Android apps.

As with Draw Something itself, there are both free and paid-for ($1) versions of the Draw Something Assistant. The premium app lets you adjust the opacity of the image onscreen; in the free version it's locked to 25 percent. The paid-for app also supports language translations.

It's possible to launch Draw Something within the helper app, but we found it easier to have the two running simultaneously - not all Android devices will support this, though. Apart from anything else, you can sometimes find that the choice of items you're given to draw for an individual game can change if you exit and re-enter the app.

The Draw Something Assistant could potentially be used to allow you to draw the three-coin 'hard' picture in each game, although we often find that Draw Something uses terms here that the average user would be unlikely to guess, no matter how good our artwork was. Of course, your picture could have been drawn by Picasso and some users still wouldn't be any good at guessing it. We were slightly miffed that our opponent was unable to guess our drawing of a seahorse, given that we'd, you know, cheated… and it was blatantly obvious. They did compliment us on our drawing skills, however.

Draw Something Assistant requires several permissions on your Android device (although not many more than Draw Something itself). The developer explains these requirements in Google Play. Notably, it requires your course location to collect statistics on the number of installations in each country, system alerts to allow it to draw on top of another app, and accounts are used only when you provide feedback.

Several users have reported that the Draw Something Assistant doesn't work on the Samsung Galaxy Note, although we had no problems with our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet.


Draw Something by OMGPOP: Specs

  • Android 2.2 or later
  • 369kb available storage space

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