ViewSonic VX2435wm full review

The HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) camp might have been making plenty of noise about how its new digital connector is the natural successor to DVI (digital visual interface), but so far we've seen precious few PC flat-panels that offer HDMI as standard. Well, the ViewSonic VX2435wm does. And at the same time it's actually done away altogether with a physical DVI.

Now, this isn't actually as dramatic a move as it might seem. They may use different connectors, but HDMI and DVI are, in many respects, identical. HDMI in essence takes the digital picture capabilities of DVI and pairs it with full digital audio. So closely connected are the two that a simple converter will allow you to turn any HDMI port into its DVI equivalent. The ViewSonic VX2435wm includes such a converter, which is lucky for anyone who doesn't have an HDMI port on their PC (that covers a pretty sizeable section of the computer-using population) and who doesn't want to be saddled with the old-fashioned analogue RGB.

All the same, while we applaud ViewSonic for doing its bit to usher in the new HDMI age, we don't yet think the time is quite ripe for computer users to be flying without a physical DVI safety-net. So the ViewSonic VX2435wm may be a little ahead of its time.

In many other areas, the ViewSonic VX2435wm is a pretty good attempt at bringing us a quality 24in viewing experience in return for a rather modest £458 price tag.

With so little money (in comparison with some other 24in models) being lavished upon the ViewSonic VX2435wm, you might expect it to be a little, well, dull in use. But the ViewSonic VX2435wm's colours are extremely vibrant and the consistency of picture is very strong – never an easy trick to pull off with a screen this large.

Of course, the ViewSonic VX2435wm does benefit from some juicy specifications, and the 1,00:1 contrast ratio and high brightness rating are particularly notable. Not everybody will like the glossy casing though, and the looks of the ViewSonic aren't quite what we'd expect from what, in everyday terms, is a fairly expensive screen.


ViewSonic VX2435wm: Specs

  • 24in flat-panel
  • native resolution 1,920x1,200
  • 0.269mm pixel pitch
  • 8ms GTG response time
  • 1,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 176/176 degree viewing angle
  • brightness 500cd/m2
  • HDMI and analogUE connectors
  • 3 x RCA component
  • 2-year warranty
  • 572x244x510mm
  • 8kg