Samsung SyncMaster 305T full review

The Samsung SyncMaster 305T is a 30in display that has first-rate image quality overall, although colours looked slightly dull in some photos.

The Samsung SyncMaster 305T performed well in our image-quality tests, showing sharp text and nuanced colour.

Expert jurors were impressed with the Samsung SyncMaster 305T's rendering of text in a Microsoft Word document, as well as in a screen of repeating E's and M's.

The Samsung SyncMaster 305T showed a couple of photos in which colours appeared a bit muted in comparison with the other displays in the test group, but colour representation seemed good overall.

This Samsung SyncMaster 305T has a smooth black bezel and a circular stand. It tilts and swivels smoothly, although it is not height-adjustable, and it doesn't pivot. The Samsung SyncMaster 305T is wall-mountable.

The only control the Samsung SyncMaster 305T has to adjust the screen is one for brightness - buttons on the front of the bezel increase and decrease the brightness of the Samsung SyncMaster 305T, and that's it. Currently no on-screen components are available to support the Samsung SyncMaster 305T's high resolution of 2,560 by 1,600 pixels, but Samsung states that future versions of this model should include an on-screen display for adjustments.