LaCie 526 [PCA] full review

Monitor size marches on, and the LaCie 526 wide-screen flat-panel offers 25.5in at 1,920x1,200.

The inclusion of a hood in the box and the high price suggests that the LaCie 526's target market is high-end professional use for proofing, photography and print, rather than general purpose web browsing and gaming.

This could be why the LaCie 526's colour features are more advanced than average, with a range of four pre-set 5000K-9300K colour settings, a general purpose sRGB mode at 6500K, and two extra native (ie, unprocessed) and programmable modes. Hue, offset, saturation and white point can be set individually and brightness, contrast and black level are global.

A sharpening feature adds an automatic unsharp-mask effect for better text legibility, or alternatively softens hard edges. The LaCie 526's connectivity includes three DVI connectors. HDCP is included for protected content, but there's no HDMI connector for video.

The LaCie 526's OSD (onscreen display) is a new design which uses a selection of buttons at the bottom right of the bezel. It's more intuitive and faster to work with than most OSDs, but unless you're doing a lot of source switching you probably won't use it much.

Video test performance was good but not outstanding, with wide gamut, good reach into green, and a profile with fairly even edges. Unfortunately it wasn't as good as the profile of – for example – HP's 30in LP3065. Plus, given the video performance and 2,560x1,600 resolution of the HP, it's hard to see what the LaCie 526 offers to make itself a compelling alternative to other models at this price.


LaCie 526 [PCA]: Specs

  • H-IPS A-TW POL technology
  • 25.5in/64.9cm monitor
  • 21.65x13.54in/550x344mm display area
  • 16:10
  • max res = 1,920x1,200
  • dot pitch = .287 mm
  • colour gamut 98.5% Iso Coated, 95% Adobe RGB, 91% NTSC
  • gamma correction: 12-bit LUT with 16-bit calculation precision
  • 16 CCFL
  • 400 cd/m2
  • 800:1 contrast ratio
  • 16ms response time (typ rise + fall)
  • 8ms gray to gray
  • 178° vertical/horizontal
  • VGA (D-Sub 15-pin), DVI-I, DVI-D
  • 13.1kg
  • 589.8x444.2-594.2x306mm