Iiyama ProLite E1902S full review

In this era of 20in+ screens, the main reason for sticking instead with a 19in flat-panel is to save money. The Iiyama ProLite E1902S, however, is far from the cheapest 19in LCD screen available – you can actually get the odd 22in model for less than the cost of this flat-panel.

So what makes the Iiyama ProLite E1902S worth the money? Well, at first it seems to have much the same in terms of specifications as the NEC AccuSync LCD193WM – same 160/160 degree viewing angle, same brightness rating of 300 cd/m2, same 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

But look more closely at the Iiyama ProLite E1902S and there are some clear differences, the starkest of which is the provision of a DVI (digital visual interface). The NEC confines you to analogue, which is rapidly becoming yesterday’s technology.

The Iiyama ProLite E1902's 2ms response rate is also half that of the NEC’s 4ms. This means that the Iiyama should be smoother when displaying fast-moving graphics. In all honesty, we couldn’t detect a difference, and we suspect that few users will – once you get into single-figure response rates, it’s debatable whether the typical viewer notices any real variation between screens.

Perhaps the most noticeable advantage of the Iiyama ProLite E1902S, though, is the resolution. While the NEC boasts widescreen capabilities, the standard 1,280x1,024 screen of the Iiyama provides you with fewer pixels. Not that the ProLite isn’t a very good screen though. Indeed, its colour quality is vivid and the definition is sharp.


Iiyama ProLite E1902S: Specs

  • 19in flat-panel
  • native resolution 1,280x1,024
  • 0.294mm pixel pitch
  • 2ms response time
  • 1,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 160/160 degree viewing angle
  • brightness 300cd/m2
  • DVI connector
  • 408x210x407mm
  • 4.9kg