HannsG HW223DP full review

We've seen plenty of HannsG flat-panel displays bundled with PCs, but the HannsG HW223DP is the first HannsG LDC screen we've taken a look at in its own right.

And at first glance there may not be a great deal to distinguish the HannsG HW223DP from its rivals. After all, it's a 22in model, and those are two a penny in today's market.

Neither is the HannsG HW223DP particularly special to look at. It's by no means unattractive but, sitting amidst a gathering of other flat-panels, it's unlikely that you'd pick it out. But don't stop reading just yet as beneath the pleasing but unspectacular exterior lies a rather splendid screen.

Actually, you only have to start looking at the leads and connectors to begin noticing interesting things about the HannsG HW223DP. The four-port USB hub is quite an unusual feature these days. Sure, most of us have plenty of suitable USB connectors on our PCs, but rarely are they as conveniently placed as the HannsG HW223DP's will be. Another surprising addition to the package is the DVI-I to YPbPr component video cable – an addition that many a home cinema enthusiast will appreciate.

But what of the HannsG HW223DP's specifications? Well, the 1,680x1,050 resolution support and 0.282mm pixel pitch are exactly what you'd expect to find – although no less welcome for that. The 5ms response rate is very decent though, and the 800:1 contrast ratio hints at that slight edge on colour depth for the HannsG.

In fact, in testing this screen fared extremely well on image quality. The picture is fairly sharp and the colours are bold and exciting. There's a fair amount of detail too and, whether you're using the HannsG HW223DP for HD video or simply as a PC screen, it does a very good job.

Actually, we should qualify that, because there is one bugbear we have with the HannsG HW223DP – the viewing angles. Sit on the other side of the room and the picture's fine. Likewise, sit close up and directly in front of it and, again, it's great.

But should you be close to the screen and standing slightly to the left or the right of it (or looking down from above), the screen deteriorates quite badly. Solo users will be fine, but if you're likely to want to use the screen to point things out to your colleagues, you might want to consider a different screen.


HannsG HW223DP : Specs

  • 22in flat-panel
  • native resolution 1,680x1,050
  • 0.282mm pixel pitch
  • 5ms response time
  • 800:1 contrast ratio
  • 160/160 degree viewing angle
  • brightness 300cd/m2
  • DVI connector
  • Component input
  • 509x410x206mm
  • 6.8kg