Hanns-G HZ281HPB full review

Even though the 27.5in Hanns-G HZ281HPB is an older monitor – still available in retail channels though – it also happens to be very stylish with its gloss black and short, thick pedestal that sits out of the way. The support offers little in the way of flexibility though, it tilts a bit and that’s it. See also: Group test: what's the best display?

The HZ281 is also pretty thick and heavy compared to modern monitors, there’s lots of it round the back where the power and monitor cables plug in under the backplate. Unlike most others with this design, because it’s so large and high up, it’s easy to actually plug into. The controls on the front are standard buttons with no surprises. Visit Group test: what's the best 25in and bigger display?

Once calibrated colours were a little on the warm side but showed an excellent range of tones from highlights to shadows. In terms of sharpness it’s not quite as sharp as the AOC, which is a benefit for some text screens, but a disadvantage if you’re looking at landscape photos. This is a TN screen but horizontal viewing angles are good and only if you sink into your seat does the screen darken.

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  • The plus side is the 3ms refresh rate, not quite as fast as the AOC e2795V, but still holds its own, and it can handle action games and films with aplomb. It also has the brightest display of the lot by far, at a whopping 400cdm2 brightness. With an HDMI interface it could easily double up for cinematic viewing in brightly lit rooms.

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    Looking at the white screen test it’s not as good as other displays, with some yellowing along the top and right side. Its performance on black test is better than the the average screen though, with only a little lightening on the bottom right. What is pleasing for photographers is the 99 per cent sRGB coverage, 76 per cent AdobeRGB and 70 per cent NT


    Hanns-G HZ281HPB: Specs

    • 27.5-inch LCD screen
    • 16.7m colours
    • TFT 1920 x 1200 pixels
    • 254 x 653 x 523 mm, 9 kg