Evesham V20KCDX-E03 full review

We have seen better-priced 20.1in flat-panels in recent months – the outstanding ViewSonic VX2025wm retails for just £331, for instance – but none of them have the sheer weight of features boasted by the V20KCDX-E03. This is no ordinary flat-panel.

For a start, it can double up as a television tuner. And it's a good £50 cheaper than the similarly multi-featured LG Flatron M203WA. But low price doesn't always equate to value. The key question is this: do you have to compromise to take advantage of this apparently searing deal?

Visually, the Evesham looks impressive rather than attractive. Its rugged casing hints at the onboard television facilities rather than resembling a traditional flat-panel.

It's not the easiest of screens to get working. We had to try several buttons and options before we were able to hook it up to a PC. The device comes equipped with a Scart connector and a variety of audio ports and sockets, but no HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface).

The Evesham supports widescreen. Its native resolution of 1,680x1,050 offers considerably more detail than standard 19in screens. But in other respects, the Evesham isn't blessed with the best of specifications. The viewing angles are middling and the contrast ratio cannot match the ViewSonic.

Image quality was far from ideal. We found it hard to get a totally smooth picture and a certain amount of fuzziness was always present. The palette is quite good, however, with decent colour. As a television, though, the Evesham is perfectly adequate. The remote control lets you tap into its many features and the picture quality was fairly decent.

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Evesham V20KCDX-E03: Specs

  • 20.1in flat-panel
  • native res 1,680x1,050
  • pixel pitch 0.258mm
  • contrast ratio 600:1
  • 140/125-degree viewing angle
  • brightness 300cd/m2
  • response time 8ms
  • digital connector
  • speakers
  • 3 year swap-out warranty
  • 523x210x433mm
  • 8.2kg