WinCleaner Complete PC Care full review

Utility software developers face a difficult time. As more and more fix-it features are incorporated into Windows and freeware applets devoted to addressing particular tasks are released online, the need to buy such software has seen a considerable decline.

The answer may be to bundle utilities together as a suite. WinCleaner Complete PC Care, formerly the WinCleaner Utility Suite, combines 18 tools in one easy-to-use interface. If you want to optimise your system as conveniently as possible, you can do so with one click from the main Care menu.

How useful this package will be depends on which version of Windows you use. Those with NTFS-formatted systems such as 2000 and XP will find the disk utilities less valuable than people with FAT or FAT32 hard drives. Similarly, zip wizards or defrag tools are unlikely to generate much excitement. And tools such as the WinMem cleaner are merely short-term fixes - the fact is, the only long-term way to improve memory usage on your PC is to buy more RAM.

This is not to dismiss WinCleaner out of hand. Its uninstall and cleanup tools are effective, and if you don't have secure disk-wiping software, Destroy-It will be a welcome addition to your portfolio. You can also install the separate Anti-Virus package. Although we would recommend using more established scanners, this does provide some extra value for those without any protection.


WinCleaner Complete PC Care: Specs

  • Windows 9x/NT/Me/2000/XP
  • 64MB RAM
  • 35MB hard disk space
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or later