Uniblue PowerSuite 2012 full review

Together, the components of Uniblue PowerSuite 2012 form a PC speed boosting suite, designed to improve the responsiveness and computation speed of your PC or laptop by removing redundant files and Registry entries and updating hardware drivers.

The three applications are pulled together via Uniblue PowerSuite 2012's single status panel, which shows the results of the most recent scans and offers scheduling and settings adjustment. All the hard work is done within the three separate utilities, though.

RegistryBooster scans the Windows Registry for three different kinds of error: system, user and third-party. System errors are those related to Windows itself, user are from the currently logged-in user and third-party are from third-party applications you may have installed. The damage level of these errors is rated from low to high. It's worth correcting the errors whatever their level. See all software downloads.

Before fixing Registry errors, RegistryBooster sensibly creates Windows restore points. It makes the fixes automatically and creates a log, so they can be examined in more detail, if necessary.

SpeedUpMyPC has a check list of changes that can be made to the configuration of a PC under the headings System Tweaks, Speed Tools and Junk Files. It runs through them to improve things like start-up speeds and browsing response times.  Again, the fixes are made automatically, but you can display a list of what will be done and choose to deselect any that aren't required. See also: How to speed up your PC: 6 simple hardware upgrades.

DriverScanner spots out-of-date drivers for the hardware installed on your machine, downloads the latest versions from its own database and installs them. It's clever enough to recognise drivers for hardware which is no longer installed – for example, for an old graphics adaptor, when a new one has been fitted – and mark them as 'unplugged', to avoid wasting time updating them.

Against this, if any driver update requires a reboot, it can't be postponed until all updates are complete before rebooting. When the reboot is complete, the scanner has to be run again, before continuing to install. All a bit long-winded.

We might also quibble about the severity of some of the errors flagged. A lot of the issues are flagged as 'critical', but to our minds, a 'critical' issue is one which is likely to stop our PC running. SpeedUpMyPC found over 1000 issues, many of which marked critical, on our system, which is used as a test bench and regularly re-imaged with a clean Windows installation. There may be some exaggeration here, in the same way some AV programs rank every cookie as separate security threat.

Even so, we timed Windows start-up before and after running the full sequence of PowerSuite scans and fixes. The Suite reported 640 Registry errors, 1758 speed up issues and eight out-of-date drivers.

It fixed them all and the start-up time reduced by 12 percent. Not a huge difference, but there might be further benefits in the removal of unnecessary files, and improvements in the running of system hardware, through updated drivers. These kind of differences are much harder to quantify, though.

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Uniblue PowerSuite 2012: Specs

  • Windows XP/Vista/7, 32-/64-bit
  • 512MB RAM
  • 750MB drive space
  • internet connection