Gadwin PrintScreen full review

Gadwin PrintScreen is a useful free software tool that adds welcome features to your printscreen key. The pay-for Gadwin PrintScreen Pro adds image-editing functions.

When you make a screen capture with Gadwin PrintScreen Pro - either by hitting PrtSc or pressing a hotkey combo, as in the free version - the image pops up in the Screenshot Editor. You then choose from five option sets: Action, Drawing, Image, Zoom and Editing.

Action lets you Continue Output or Cancel Capture. Clicking Continue Output, by default, appears to do nothing: Gadwin PrintScreen Pro is set to save screen captures to a file, but you won't discover that unless you look in the Preferences menu.

Unfortunately, the Preferences icon is not available when Gadwin PrintScreen Pro's Screenshot Editor is open, so you need to select your output destination (print the image, save it to a file, and so on) before you initiate a screen capture.

The Drawing options include a text tool that lets you type text on to the image - but only at the top, dead centre. You can't reposition the text.

You can add a memo with one of the balloon tools, but since you can't effectively resize the text boxes it's difficult to get your full notes to appear - ours kept getting cut off. There's no way to reposition the notes or edit the text afterward.

You can use an Image filter to change the contrast or add soft borders, but anything you do affects the entire image; there's no way to select a specific area. The Crop to Selection tool is grayed out in this trial version, so we couldn't test that feature.

Both the Zoom and the Editing options are unsatisfactory. Zoom offers you two choices: fit to window and 100 percent. You can't actually zoom in to see image details. The Editing tools are limited to Undo and Redo in the trial version; we couldn't test the Paste option.


Gadwin PrintScreen: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows 98/Me/2000/2003/XP/Vista
  • 5MB hard drive space