CrossGL SnapDraw 2.10 full review

CrossGL SnapDraw, formerly called CrossGL Alpha Screenshot, is a screen capture utility that can see the Windows Aero interface natively.

That means that if you capture a window with a rounded corner, the utility won't grab the pixels behind it as if it were a square window. This ability makes CrossGL SnapDraw very useful for technically accurate screenshots.

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Another of one of CrossGL SnapDraw's main features is the ability to place magnifying glasses directly on the captured image. These objects magnify a specific portion of the screenshot in a circle, and you can then use SnapDraw to tag that magnification. This is useful if you need to point out specific features of a captured image.

To use CrossGL SnapDraw, you first need to set up a Capture Key in the appropriately named drop-down menu. Click on Activate to make it Shift+PrintScreen. Other screen capture utilities, such as X, define keys automatically on startup, so it seems odd that this extra step is necessary for the app to function correctly.

SnapDraw competitor (and reviewer favourite) ZScreen allows you to automatically upload screen captures to an image hosting service like ImageShack. CrossGL SnapDraw can't do that - but it can capture to a file or upload to an FTP site.

ZScreen can't do the magnifying and tagging thing, though.

Another thing that CrossGL SnapDraw can't do is capture hi-res game screenshots, something that ZScreen can do. We attempted to capture a screenshot from Dragon Age: Origins, and it came out to a black screen. SnapDraw's origins in the OpenGL standard - and the fact that most games use Microsoft's Direct3D instead - is a likely culprit.

CrossGL SnapDraw can make cool reflections, distortions and image manipulations to your screenshot - wonderful for advertisers creating back-of-the-box pieces - but there's a critical missing feature. There's no Undo command, either in a menu dropdown or via the standard Control Z. For those doing a lot of image manipulation, at least one level of undo is required, and several levels are preferable.

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CrossGL SnapDraw 2.10: Specs

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • 5.6MB hard disk space