The Slim Devices Squeezebox is a great networked digital music player that plays music stored on a PC (or even an Infrant ReadyNAS network-attached storage device) and plays the music to a connected stereo system. The Slim Devices Squeezebox includes an ethernet cable for direct connection to a home LAN, and some versions include Wi-Fi connectivity, which is great for stereo systems that might not be near an available ethernet port.

The Slim Devices Squeezebox accesses music stored on a PC via the SlimServer, a piece of software that's installed on the PC or the NAS device. After a quick download from the Slim Devices website, you can configure the Slim Devices Squeezebox to connect via your Wi-Fi network or just attach it to your LAN via Ethernet.

The SlimServer software scans your PC or NAS for available music files, and can identify pre-existing playlists created with other music software (including iTunes). If you haven't yet done this, the SlimServer software can help you create playlists, but it's easier to create them with the other applications. After the SlimServer is done scanning the system, you just have to leave the computer on to enjoy music from the Slim Devices Squeezebox.

The Slim Devices Squeezebox comes with a great remote for choosing what music to listen to – all of the standard methods for browsing are here – listen by album, artist, genre, etc. You can use the remote to select different playlists, and there's a "favorites" button that plays specific favorite playlists (you have to identify a playlist as a favourite before it will show up in that specific area).

If you get bored with your own music, the Squeezebox can play music from internet radio stations – the Slim Devices Squeezebox comes with a number of different preloaded stations, and the device supports a number of different internet radio services (such as Live365, SHOUTcast, and so on). Slim Devices itself has a number of its own internet radio stations, so there's enough music to choose from without having to search for your own.