Philips BDP7600 full review

The Philips BDP7600 is a 3D-enabled Blu-ray player with built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi and a full web browser. It's a good looking device, despite its considerable size, with cool ‘admire me’ styling.

More importantly, it’s simple to set up and use and doesn’t require complicated faffing about with endless Wi-Fi codes. It helps that the remote control is easy to use. Philips has ample experience in consumer electronics and is well-versed in such basics. Alternatively, there’s the option to use DNLA-certified Ethernet instead. There’s a dedicated DNLA Network link that takes you straight to the media content on your PC or NAS drive. If you don’t fancy using the supplied remote control, you can use the free iPhone (or its equivalent Android) app instead. Note that this isn’t the same app as for the Philips Fidelio iPod speaker. For the BDP7600, you need the free MyRemote app. This works with other Philips kit that sits under the TV, as well as with its Streamium networked music players.

Another useful element of this device is the inclusion Net TV. This brings familiar web services such as YouTube, Picasa (Google’s photo gallery and editor) and Twitter, Cartoon Network, Box Office 365 and the Meteo weather app to your TV. These are displayed as a scrollable list on their own screen. There’s even the option to browse the actual internet. Philips tells us that the SD card is primarily included so firmware updates downloaded to your PC can be installed, no doubt adding more codecs and apps.

Net TV is accessible from the player’s main Home menu. You can browse the contents of a disc or SD Card you’ve inserted, meander through the content on a PC on the network or network hard drive. Unlike some of the media drives we look at here, there’s no hanging around waiting for menus of content to load. It efficiently sorts through content by type and quickly brings up a list of what you can play. Video format support covers Mpeg4, DivX HD, H.264, Windows Media Video files, AVCHD and MKV, plus the lesser-known VC-1. Being a DNLA player, all the network and playback options pretty much live up to Philips’ mantra of ‘just works’.

Playback on the Philips BDP7600 is not flawless, but this is a supremely likable – and usable – media streamer that deftly coped with each type of file with which we tasked it.


Philips BDP7600: Specs

  • Connects to TV and laptop
  • Ethernet Wi-Fi, Blu-ray disc, SD card
  • DNLA remote access
  • 3d Blue-ray, HD, DVD, Mpeg4, DivX HD, H.264, WMV, AVCHD and MKV, VC-1
  • 7.1 audio support
  • Net TV, Philips MyRemote iPhone