The Mio H610 is primarily a satnav unit, but it’s the best implementation so far of a personal GPS unit with a built-in photo viewer, music and video player. We will be looking at these capabilities here, but if you need a navigation device please see our recommended reviews of the Novogo S700 or the V7 PMD 1400.

As well as packing in an impressive selection of features (you can also store contacts and play games on it), it has a built-in speaker and, even at high volume, the output was good. Mio’s supplied earphones, on the other hand, make bassier tracks sounded tinny.

The Mio H610’s screen is impressive, with bright colours and a high level of contrast and sharpness. It can play music in the background while you browse your Jpeg or bitmap images - another welcome touch. At 2.7in, we also found the screen easier to use for video viewing than some models here.