The ClearChat PC Wireless headset works with Mac OS X and Windows.

For massive multiplayer online games such as the popular World of Warcraft, it's helpful to have a headset if you're trying to coordinate efforts with other members of a team or guild.

Rather than tangle up your desk with messy wires, and Logitech has a fine array of wired USB headphones, a wireless headset is a nice option. For £69, Logitech sells the ClearChat PC Wireless, a headset that's lightweight, comfortable, and sounds good.

The ClearChat PC Wireless headset works with Mac OS X and Windows. It has a USB dongle about the size of a flash thumb drive as a transmitter, and communicates using the 2.4GHz radio frequency, similar to band used by a cordless phone.

The ClearChat PC Wireless headset features a plush, padded headband and ear pads that are comfortable to wear for hours at a stretch. The right headphone integrates audio controls; you can adjust volume up and down and also mute the microphone by tapping the outside of the headphone.

The microphone rests on a boom that can swivel up and out of the way when not in use. When you swing it away from your mouth it will briefly light up with a built-in red LED to show you that it's muted. The boom is flexible so you can bend it closer to your mouth; the microphone is noise-canceling.

The ClearChat PC Wireless headphones have a built-in battery that recharges using an included USB cable, and Logitech also included a stand to mount the USB dongle if plugging it directly in to your PC blocks an adjacent USB port. An on/off switch lets you save power when you're not using the headphones; a built-in LED shows you the device's power status (it also lights up when you're charging the battery).

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