Creative's Zen Vision W succeeds its Vision portable media player, gaining a W denoting its widescreen aspect. The epic 4.3in screen is fantastic, displaying both photos and video beautifully and in vivid detail.

The Creative Zen Vision W is attractive and sturdily constructed, packing the sort of weight that's reassuring but not burdensome. It's easily portable, taking up less room than the competing Archos 704 WiFi but, at 3.5 hours of video playback, the batteries don’t last as long as some other PMPs’. Unfortunately, the huge screen is bound to run them down far faster than the Apple iPod Video's, which is half the size.

Even so, the Creative Zen Vision W is a pleasure to use with just enough directional arrows and menu selectors. The generous proportions of the display mean there's only room for a handful of controls, but the ones that are provided seem plenty - testament to the sensible, intuitive setup. Top marks to Creative for including dedicated volume buttons, too.