Aigo E868 full review

Aigo's E868 has a chunky white plastic coat that does nothing for its desirability. But the Aigo E868's 2.5in widescreen knocks spots off some of the opposition, giving video a sharp, bright appearance. So long as you hold the Aigo E868 directly in front of you to negate the effects of the poor viewing angle, that is.

It's a pain to navigate the Aigo E868's interface. You can't move between files at the same time as a song or video plays, and you have to contend with tiny plastic buttons. Even volume is controlled in this way, which precludes using the Aigo E868 with one hand. It's far too fiddly to be much cop as a portable music player. The sound quality isn't great anyway, even at the higher sampling rates. We didn't think much of the pre-loaded EQ settings, either.

Usefully, you get an AC charger and USB cable, as well as an AV output lead to port content to an analogue TV. And the Aigo E868 comes in a smart padded box which you may wish to keep. But the supplied headphones are a waste of space.

We liked the broad range of file formats the Aigo E868 can handle. You can use it as both a voice recorder and an e-book reader. Refreshingly, loading content on to the Aigo E868 is a simple case of drag and drop. Aigo supplies a driver disc, but no proprietary software is required. This makes loading content straightforward, but limits your ability to organise files.


Aigo E868 : Specs

  • Windows 98/Me/200/XP/Vista
  • supports AVI, VOB, DAT, Mpeg
  • 2.5in LCD
  • voice recorder
  • SD/MMC Card compatible
  • USB 1.1
  • equaliser (16 presets)
  • rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • bundle includes headphones, USB cable
  • 12 month’s parts-and-labour warranty
  • 80x61x20mm
  • 120g