Diatec Filco Majestouch 2 full review

Filco is a highly respected brand of keyboards, produced by the Diatec Corporation in Japan since the early 1980s. But the company’s leading range is now the Majestouch line, introduced in 2004 and available now in many variants, but now all based on the form that is now the Filcom Majestouch 2.

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As soon as you pick up a Majestouch 2, you know you have an example of high-quality engineering.

The main chassis is heavy-gauge plastic, but weighty, suggesting much metal inside. The Mark 2 version appeared in 2011, with much the same exterior looks to the original Majestouch but revision to the internal PCB, using a stronger material to withstand the stress of long term use.

You can choose between the full range of Cherry MX switches, namely Blue, Black, Brown or Red. We tried one with Cherry MX Blue in a UK 105-key layout – other European language layouts are available, all Windows only, although you can buy replacement Super keys to replace the Windows logo key, with Tux, Ubuntu or blank tops.

There are a several colour options besides black, namely bold yellow keys, green camouflage pattern and metallic blue with black keys.

Three LEDs are embedded above the number keypad, and the USB cable is tied from its at the centre of the rear side. The usual flip-down feet work very well here, where so many keyboards get it wrong: rubber pads fixed to the chassis front and the feet are all in good contact with the desk to keep the keyboard rooted in place.

The typing experience on the Filco Majestouch was extremely comfortable. Blue switches give the essential tactile and audible feedback to facilitate very fast and accurate typing, and the keyboard body didn’t not unduly resonate during heavy use. The keys are the usual concave-topped with a matt/satin finish for good fingertip contact.

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