LaCie Porsche P’9230 full review

The chunky aluminium casing of LaCie’s Porsche P’9230 drive may not be to everyone’s taste, but at least it ensures that the drive is well-protected against the occasional mishap in your office.

We were surprised to discover the drive wasn’t formatted when we first plugged it in, but there is a reason for this as LaCie’s setup utility gives you a number of different options here. You can format the entire drive as one large NTFS partition, or create an additional FAT32 partition for exchanging data with Macs and Linux machines. There’s also an option for creating a password-protected partition to keep important files away from prying eyes.

Finally, LaCie also includes both a backup program with the drive and a one-year subscription that gives you 10GB of online storage with the Wuala storage service.

Unfortunately, the Porsche drive doesn’t live up to its namesake when it comes to performance. Opting for a 5400rpm drive mechanism means that its overall sequential performance is relatively modest at just 109.8MBps, although write performance is closer to average at 111.1MBps. It’s also one of the slower desktop drives when copying smaller files too.


LaCie Porsche P’9230: Specs

  • 1TB, 3.5 Sata
  • 5400rpm
  • 5Gbps
  • USB 3.0
  • Backup Assistant, password protection, 10GB cloud storage
  • 38x120x190mm, 1Kg