Cyberpower Infinity GTX Extreme full review

Built to showcase nVidia's latest GeForce GTX 280 high-end graphics card, Cyberpower's Infinity GTX Extreme is a high-performance gaming PC that delivers some excellent results.

The Intel Core 2 Duo processor powering the Cyberpower Infinity GTX Extreme is slower than you might expect to find in a performance gaming rig, but the Infinity GTX Extreme has been designed to run overclocked and therefore comes with all the additional cooling and PSU power you need to reach speeds of around 4GHz.

Because the results of overclocking vary with each individual PC, we've tested the Cyberpower Infinity GTX Extreme at its default speed settings.

At stock speeds, the Infinity GTX achieved WorldBench 6 score of 116 points, which is really rather good for a PC based on this 3GHz processor.

However, even with this relatively modest level of system CPU power, the GTX 280 manages to outperform its 9800 GTX predecessor by around 8 frames per second (fps) running Crysis at Very High settings at 1024x768 resolution – even with the latter running in a faster 3.16GHz E8500-based system. These tests were conducted in DX9 mode with FSAA disabled.

Until now, the closest performing single-card would be the GeForce 9800X2, but although it can come close to the performance of the GTX 280 it also brings with it the added complexity and compatibility issues of SLI technology. You'll have no problems running a dual-monitor setup, for example.

The GeForce GTX 280 delivers more than just increased gaming speed. nVidia is making increased use of the graphics card for tasks other than gaming, and the huge amount of processing power in this card will soon be available to those wishing to perform computationally intensive tasks such as transcoding video.

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