Creative Inspire T6160 full review

Markets for multi-channel speakers for PC have not seen many updates for a while. Recently, we got the Creative Inspire T6160, a 5.1 speaker for PC and Creative has promised to bring realistic surround sound to your desktop with this set of affordable speakers.

Creative Inspire T6160: Design & Features

The Creative Inspire T6160 is a simple looking 5.1 channel PC speaker system with a clean design. The system puts out 50 watts of RMS power- 6 watts from each satellite and 20 watts from the sub. It has a frequency response of 40Hz to 20Hz which is reasonable for a budget system.

Each satellite is powered by a single driver which is incorporated with Creative Image Focusing Plate (IFP) design for better imaging and focusing. The satellites are magnetically shielded and they sport similar shape and design. They are lightweight but their plastic enclosures also make the build quality feel a bit shabby.

Unfortunately, there is no wall-mount option which makes placing the two rear satellites difficult. Each satellite's front has a thin-and-delicate grill cloth fabric which makes their durability questionable - one of the satellite's grill was already torn when we unpacked it for review.

The subwoofer is well-built and weighs 3.5 kg. It has a down-firing woofer and a flared port tube design. The bass level control and connectivity ports for satellites are at the back. A wired remote control and the audio-in cable are also fixed at the back. This is inconvenient as it restricts sub placement due to the limited cable length. The wired remote has one green LED and a volume cum power on/off switch. There is no aux-in, no headphones-out and no option to up-mix the stereo audio to five channels as in the Logitech X-540 which falls in the same price range. So there are more grumbles than grins on the features and design front.

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