Canon Pixma MX715 full review

Since we reviewed the Canon MX515, its price has fallen by a good £40 to just below the £100 mark. Currently retailing for around the £160 mark, the new Canon Pixma MX715 has plenty to do to justify the price premium. Read more inkjet printer reviews.

To look at, the Canon MX715 is very similar. Its looks tend towards the chunky, although the battery of buttons is very much needed, to help access the scanner, copier and fax facilities.  

Extra girth is added by the automatic document feeder (ADF) – at 35 sheets, it offers an extra five pages over the MX515’s.

The control panel is again rather rich in options, although the panel can customise itself according to which mode you’re in. You can have a full numeric keypad if you’re faxing. But if you’re just printing or scanning, you’ll get a much slimmed down set of controls. This does help keep the panel as straightforward as possible, and is a very nice touch. 

The 2.4in colour screen is attractive, although it touchscreen control would have been welcomed. 

The paper feeds have been bolstered, with the MX515’s 100-sheet input thrown out in favour of not one but two separate 150-sheet feeders.  

You can either load it to the front, or in through the back door. The latter isn’t the most secure option, and the paper holder wasn’t as robust as we would have liked. Nonetheless, we found the multiple feed options to be a useful addition. 

The MX715 feels very roomy, and the output tray is rather more substantial than was the case with the slightly inadequate MX515.

Connectivity is pleasingly wide, and the MX715 covers the full range of office network options, from Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n to wired ethernet. 

Like many a 2012 model, the Canon MX715 can be hooked up to a variety of Apple devices, Android and Playstation.

Bluetooth is available as an option, and the Canon MX715 also supports PictBridge and Apple AirPrint. 

Canon MX715: Performance

As with the MX515, the Canon MX715 works well as a scanner, and we found colour fidelity to be very decent for a sub-£200 model. 

The Canon MX515 was a rarity in that our realworld speed score exceeded the manufacturer’s estimate. The MX715 repeats the feat, and it knocks out copy in the fast and normal modes at the rate of 12.7 and 8.9ppm respectively – and that 12.7ppm is a actually 0.2ppm faster than Canon’s specified 12.5ppm. 

Maybe the difference isn’t great, but it’s still nice to see a manufacturer being realistic. And 12.7ppm isn’t a bad page rate either, and the printer is aided by the fact that its text quality is an improvement on that of the MX515 – perhaps related to the MX715 having better resolution specification. 

Admittedly the text in the normal mode isn’t the cleanest, but it’s thick and highly readable. The auto duplexing is poor, though, cutting that speed from 12.7ppm to a mere 4.9ppm – that sort of reduction ensures users are unlikely to keep this feature on by default. 

The graphics speeds of 5.9ppm and 3.2ppm in the first two modes are considerably faster than the MX515’s. The results are satisfactory, if a touch light in terms of the palette. Ideally, we’d like to see more fizz here, although the results were sizzling when used with photographic paper. 

The Canon MX715 uses five cartridges in all, and two of these (the 525PGBK and 526) are black. We estimate that the black ink costs will be around 3.1p per page, although this will depend on exactly what you use the printer for.

The colour page cost of 4.9p is quite good, if a little more than the 4.5p/page of the MX515 which works out as a slightly cheaper prospect in running costs.  

Nonetheless, the flexible cartridges seem to produce good colour, and these prices are still modest compared to many inkjets.


Canon Pixma MX715: Specs

  • Printer, scanner, copier, fax
  • 9600 x 2400dpi
  • quoted print speed B=12.5ppm C=9.3ppm
  • actual print speed B=12.7ppm C=5.9ppm
  • 2400 x 4800dpi scanner resolution
  • USB 2.0, 802.11b/g/n, ethernet
  • memory card slot
  • 150-sheet input tray
  • 2.4in screen
  • 35-sheet ADF
  • Toner cost B= £21 (combined) C=£8.33 x 3
  • Print life (pages) B=340 C=514
  • 491 x 448 x 218mm
  • 11.7kg
  • 2-year warranty

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