The latest in Sony's T-series line of slim digital still cameras, the DSC-T100, is now on sale in the UK. We got hold of the Sony DSC-T100 for a review and were impressed, apart from the PlayStation 3-like lack of an HDMI cable.

This latest model packs an 8.1Mp image sensor, 5x optical zoom and a big 3in LCD display on the back. We got a chance to use the camera for a couple of weeks and ended up with some great looking pictures and a favorable impression.

First impressions are of a handsome camera thanks in large part to its brushed-aluminum face and the large display on the back. You can switch it on by sliding a cover down to reveal the lens, and off by doing the opposite. The camera starts up quickly and is almost immediately ready to take a picture.

The 8Mp image sensor Sony has fitted into the camera is generous. In fact, you'll probably want to set it to a lower resolution for day-to-day photography because you just don't need that much resolution for most pictures.

An 8Mp image works out at 3,264 pixels by 2,448 pixels and occupies about 2MB of space, versus 1.5MB for a 5Mp image, from which you'll still be able to produce a good looking print. You'll also be able to store more on a Memory Stick Duo card or the camera's built-in 31MB of memory.

While you're unlikely to need the 8Mp mode for day-to-day shooting, it does come in handy if you want to capture something at a distance. When you're a distance from your subject and the camera's optical zoom hits its limit then a top-resolution image should mean you can still zoom in a little on the image when it's in your PC and end up with a good shot.