For keen photographers with a little money to spend, the Nikon D80 is likely to be the camera of choice. The question really is whether you have the photographic skills to stretch this highly capable digital SLR. Updated with price cut: 5 November 2007.

Befitting its status as a camera for the semi-professional photographer, the Nikon D80 is exceptionally fast, starting up in less than 0.2 seconds and, once the focus is set, shooting with imperceptible lag between shots. It should be ideal for action shots, especially given its relatively compact dimensions for a serious digital SLR camera

Nikon has included an LCD on the Nikon D80's top plate so you can easily check settings; any of these can be swiftly altered using the mode wheel. This is a 'step up' model for amateurs who’ve already discovered the rewards of full manual control over white balance, focus, f-stops and aperture priority.

But that’s not to say the Nikon D80 is unsuitable for those who are new to digital SLRs. This manual control includes a good range of scene modes and presets for those who aren’t so confident of choosing settings for a given scenario.

Low-light conditions are well catered for and the Nikon D80 delivers clean shots in imperfect conditions at its top ISO of 1,600. When more light is available, expect a flattering warmth to portrait shots. The Nikon D80 is an excellent model for those who are serious about digital photography.


The Nikon D80 is an enthusiast's dream and is incredibly rewarding to use. You can't get much better than this without spending a thousand quid or more. Highly recommended.

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