V530 full review

Finally. The digital camera the lefties have been waiting for - and we don't mean fully paid-up members of the Communist Party. The Kodak V530 is a super-slinky compact model and the lion's share of its operations are handled on the lefthand side. This is great news for some, but it can feel rather awkward to control - and not just for the righthanders.

That said, everything else about this model is impressive. It's competitively priced, extremely easy to use and takes great snaps - just don't expect any manual features.

The V530 is a beautifully made 5Mp pocket-sized digicam that feels solid thanks to the silver and brushed-aluminium finish on the front. The retractable 3x optical zoom means there's no need for an ugly lens cap and makes the V530 easier to hold.

We did have one bone of contention. If you're taking photos it's good to get a steady grip on the camera. Do this on the V530 and you'll notice that your fingers naturally sit over the lens.
The camera is ready to go in seconds and is very responsive between shots - although you'll never eradicate that shutter lag - and navigating the menu system is a joy. The 2in LCD is clear enough for framing shots, which is just as well, because there's no optical viewfinder.

Kodak's colour palette is spot on, giving an accurate spread without over-saturation and a lot of detail at the 2,690x1,944 max res.The V530 also provides high-quality video playback, although you'll only get 16 seconds stored on the miserly 16MB of internal memory.


V530: Specs

  • 5Mp
  • max res 2,690x1,944
  • 16MB internal memory (takes SD/MMC cards)
  • min photos on 16MB=7
  • max=18
  • 1x rechargeable lithium battery
  • movie capture at 640x480 and 30fps
  • 2in LCD
  • 3x optical zoom, 92x22x50mm
  • 150g
  • 1-year warranty