Kodak EasyShare M753 full review

Entry-level cameras are created for novice photographers and the Kodak EasyShare M753 is no exception. If you want to leave all the settings to the camera so you can get on with enjoying the moment then this camera will suit.

Kodak is renowned for the build-quality of its digital cameras, but its sub-£100 entry level cameras have always lacked good looks. And let's be honest, in today's beautiful gadget-obsessed society, image counts for an awful lot.

So we were happy to see that the Kodak EasyShare M753 has all the usual hallmarks of a nice modern looking camera. In short, plenty of shiny chrome details and a matte-finished casing. The M-series casing comes in a variety of colours, although anything but black would be vulgar.

There is still, alas, a cheapish feel to the Kodak EasyShare M753. The buttons protrude too much and on closer inspection the chrome detail and matte casing are made from plastic, which we suppose is how Kodak has kept the Kodak EasyShare M753's weight to a svelte 115g.

Perhaps we are being picky, by focusing on the finish, because virtually everything else about the Kodak EasyShare M753 is good.

The Kodak EasyShare M753 is very basic, but just right - there's no need for full manual settings on an entry-level camera, it would be like tackling a crazy golf course with a full set of clubs.

The Kodak EasyShare M753's simple looking menu is easy to navigate through, perfect if you are allergic to instruction manuals. The Kodak EasyShare M753's picture quality is great in good light, but troublesome in low light situations so you're reliant on the flash, which is never a good thing.

Scene selection settings are limited but perfectly fine - we were relieved to see none of pointless settings that manufacturers have recently been adding such as food, autumn and pet. Instead Kodak has gone for some more useful settings for the Kodak EasyShare M753 such as manners/museum (which will turn off the flash and sound) and panorama, which works astonishingly well and is easy to use when panning from either the left or the right.


Kodak EasyShare M753: Specs

  • 7Mp
  • 3x optical zoom
  • 35mm equivalent range
  • 2.5in LCD viewfinder
  • ISO 80-1250
  • Quicktime Video
  • 16MB internal memory
  • SD/MMC card slot
  • rechargeable lithium battery with charger
  • 93x58x23mm
  • 118g