The HP Photosmart R967 has a big LCD, an antishake mode, and panorama stitching, but its battery life is skimpy.

The 10Mp HP Photosmart R967 is very similar to its predecessor, the 8.2Mp HP Photosmart R927 (read our review here). Like the R927, the HP Photosmart R967 is a point-and-shoot with a big, 3in LCD and a compact, sturdy metal body.

The HP Photosmart R967 offers an antishake mode and automatic red-eye removal, in addition to more megapixels. Also like it's predecessor, the R967 is well designed and delivers high image quality, but battery life is disappointing.

The HP Photosmart R967 took very sharp photos in our tests, and earned high marks across the board for its image quality, earning an overall image quality score of Very Good. The only exception was the HP Photosmart R967's score for distortion, which was below average.

The R967 is best suited for point-and-click photographers who don't need manual controls at their fingertips. There is no mode dial, and so the only shooting mode you can initiate via a dedicated button or dial is the macro mode; for all scene modes, you have to navigate the HP Photosmart R967's menus. The HP Photosmart R967 is also a bit on the heavy side at 200g; at 1in thick, it's not ultraslim, but nor is it overly bulky.

The HP Photosmart R967 puts a few other options at your fingertips as well. One button turns the flash on and off. Another launches the Photosmart Express Menu, which you use to print directly from the camera, as well as to access options for tagging images or buying prints from HP's EasyShare Gallery Web site. For these last two options, you need to use a PC and the included Photosmart software.

However, the R967's features aim to make a PC a rare necessity. Best among those features are automatic red-eye reduction and an antishake mode, both of which worked well in my informal testing. In addition, the HP Photosmart R967 offers a wealth of processing options that can let you add creative effects to your photos - such as subtle colour modifications, cartoon simulations, or watercolor effects - without your having to use image-editing software.

The HP Photosmart R967's more extreme creative effects seem like gimmicks that won't get much use over the long haul. But its more traditional color tone effects are a handy alternative to using editing software on a PC.