Canon pretty much invented the digital SLR market and its 350D proved wildly popular, winning awards left, right and centre. The Canon EOS 400D is well on its way to doing the same, with its 10.1Mp Cmos sensor and excellent, almost totally noise-free shots. Updated, with price cut: 5 November 2007

The Canon EOS 400D is a great choice for those looking for their first digital SLR camera, as well as being suitable for those with a passion for photography and a grounding in composition and photographic tricks.

However, not everything about the Canon EOS 400D is ideal. For example, we can understand why Canon chose to add a proximity detector to the 2.6in LCD viewfinder, but this makes the camera less suitable than some for spontaneous point-and-shoot photography. You need to bring your eye up to the viewfinder before it springs into action.

What we do like about the Canon 400D is how easy it is to achieve excellent results with hardly any effort. Plenty of focus points are visible as you peer through the viewfinder, which gives you a fair idea of how your shot will come out even before you depress the shutter to lock the focus.

Exposure lock and white balance information is helpfully displayed onscreen, too.

A dust-prevention feature helps ensure no grime is introduced when you switch lenses. While it's got some stiff competition, anyone receiving a Canon EOS 400D as gift is sure to be delighted.


The 400D is a fully featured camera that yields excellent image quality at a very reasonable price. But we'd recommend getting your hands on a model before committing to a purchase, to check you like the size and feel.

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