Canon EOS-30D full review

Canon's 8.2Mp (megapixel) EOS-30D is a follow-up to the 20D, sharing the same sensor and image-processing engine. In essence, it's a 20D Mark 2, sporting few improvements. But the 20D was an excellent camera, of course.

Canon has upgraded the 20D's 1.8in screen to the 2.5in model of the 5D – and has borrowed its selectable Picture Styles and spot-metering too. Build quality, ergonomics and battery life are all excellent.

The 8.2Mp Cmos sensor delivers 3,504x2,336 pixel images with enough detail to make good-looking A3 prints, stored on CompactFlash cards as Jpegs or Raw files.

The 30D is both responsive and enjoyable, delivering superb-quality pictures. Resolution and noise levels unsurprisingly remain the same as the 20D.


Canon EOS-30D: Specs

  • 8.2Mp
  • 3,504x2,336-pixel output
  • 3:2 aspect ratio
  • takes any Canon EF or EF-S lens
  • f1.6
  • takes CompactFlash cards (not supplied)
  • can use IBM Microdrive
  • image size at best Jpeg-quality (approx 3MB)
  • 2.5in LCD screen and optical SLR viewfinder
  • rechargeable battery pack and recharger supplied
  • 1-year warranty
  • 144x106x74mm
  • 700g