Tony Hawk Helmet Cam full review

Made for ages seven and up, the Tony Hawk Helmet Cam from Digital Blue is a lightweight digital camcorder that can be strapped to your skateboard helmet, enabling you to record all of your best tricks. Then you can use the basic software to edit it into a movie to show your friends.

Nice idea, but unfortunately, head movements make it impossible to capture decent footage. And PC Advisor readers will be well aware of the dangers of keeping your eyes glued to your lavish new Ventura trucks while riding fakie.

You could alternatively get someone else to film you, lining up the shot with the built-in laser pointer (there's no viewfinder, for obvious reasons) but the laser switches off when you start recording.

Downloading your footage to a PC couldn't be simpler, and it's easy to produce effects any 7-year-old would be proud of.


Tony Hawk Helmet Cam: Specs

  • 640x480 resolution
  • autofocus
  • built-in microphone
  • 32MB removable SD memory card
  • docking station and USB cable
  • video editing software