Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB full review

The excellent Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB is much more than just another networked attached storage (NAS) hard drive.

The Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB's built-in media streaming allows you to play back music and video on any DLNA-certified device. Hide the TeraStation Live away in a spare room and have access to all your multimedia content from the living room. No other PCs need be switched on.

Ideal for huge multimedia collections and large amounts of valuable data, the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB offers high-end RAID performance and security. Multiple RAID formats are supported, allowing you to choose the best performance, security, capacity or a combination of all three.

The Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB is a large and quite heavy device containing four individual SATA drives with a maximum combined storage capacity of 4TB. Like all of Buffalo's "live" products you can also access them via the internet and keep access to all your data wherever you go.

It comes with a Gigabit Ethernet port as well as two USB host ports to allow quick connection of additional storage or a USB printer which can be shared on your network, while an illuminated two-line alphanumeric LCD display keeps you constantly updated with the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB's status.

More advanced or small office users will appreciate certain of the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB's functions such as a built-in FTP server, Distributed File System support and automatic email alerts.

Home users will benefit from the five-user licence for the Memeo AutoBackup software provided as standard with the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB. This helps to keep everyone's data safe, automatically.

In our tests, the Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB enjoyed a read speed of 15.7 megabytes per second (MBps), and a write speed of 15.6MBps.

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Buffalo Terastation Live 1TB: Specs

  • 1TB NAS hard drive
  • Gigabit interface
  • 2 x USB ports
  • 4 3.5in SATA, 7,200rpm swappable drives
  • 0, 0+1, 1, 5 RAID support
  • Memeo backup software
  • fan
  • expandable via USB
  • USB print server
  • Media Server
  • FTP server
  • 7.3kg
  • 170x310x235mm
  • 2-year warranty

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