What difference does £50 make? That's the question posed by this PC from Zoostorm. Ringing the tills at just £449, the Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC offers an even more appetising price tag than many of its budget-friendly rivals. But be warned: you'll have to make even bigger compromises if you want to save that cash. For some, it could be a cut too far.

The Core 2 Duo E2160 processor is aimed at the truly low-cost PC maker and, as such, you shouldn't expect too much from its performance levels. It would also have helped if Zoostorm had included more than 1GB of DDR RAM in the Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC - the bare minimum at this price point - but only the Best Buy Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT stretched to 2GB of the £500 PCs we've seen this month. Unsurprisingly, the Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC struggled to a rather poor score of 62 in our WorldBench speed tests. The Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT managed 27 points more.

The Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC's 8500 GT graphics card is a popular choice with budget PC manufacturers, although its slightly sluggish performance is likely to render its DirectX 10.0 capabilities academic. Even on the top games today, you may struggle to get close to 30fps (frames per second) without dropping detail levels.

Lastly, the Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC's 19in GNR display is solid.


The Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC is a very economical PC, but we'd splash out the extra £51 for the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT.

Chart ranking: budget PCs September 07 issue

1st place: Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT
2nd place: Arbico CD7460GT
3rd place: CyberPower £500 PCA Machine
4th place: Arbico CD6320XL (last month 1st place)
5th place: Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC