The Zoostorm 2-3305 impressed us when it first appeared, because it was the first machine that proved you could run Vista without spending lavishly on a PC. Subsequent releases have demonstrated more elegant solutions to the problem of Vista on a budget, but this is still a respectable machine for the money.

  1. Arbico CD6420XL
  2. Eclipse Max i935N79-VSTA
  3. Arbico CD9600XL
  4. Mesh Elite Value PCA
  5. Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC

Fifth place

The Pentium D processor – deployed in three of this month’s Top Five PCs – lacks basic speed in its 2.8GHz form. Indeed, our new WorldBench 6 benchmarks rate it as the slowest of the PCs in the chart.

But the Zoostorm performs better elsewhere. The AOC LM765 is a competent flat-panel, packing decent image quality. The 1GB of DDR RAM is the standard in this chart and the 7600 GS graphics card is also a popular choice – only the 7900 GS-equipped Eclipse can do better. The onboard sound and two-piece speakers are the best in the Top Five. The DVD writer isn’t particularly impressive, however.