In many ways an inferior system to the Arbico CD6750 SX and Advance Technologies AT-FX Air+, the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD has one stand-out component: the Radeon HD 3850 graphics card. Given the price of good cards, you shouldn’t expect visual fireworks when your entire system costs just £500, but the HD 3850 manages to pull off some decent framerates. Indeed, you could even have a shot at some DirectX 10.0 games with it. If games are your priority and £500 is your limit, the 3850 alone is enough to make the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD the best PC for you.

In other respects, the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD is adequate but unexceptional. Its 19in Yuraku screen is proficient, but we prefer the interesting features and colour palette of the Arbico CD6750 SX’s Hannspree. That PC also beats the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD on processing speed, powering ahead by an impressive three points in WorldBench 6 testing.


There are larger hard drives elsewhere, while the first- and third-placed PCs offer faster DVD writers. Neither is the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD well stocked on features, with its skimpy software bundle and warranty leaving it trailing behind Arbico and Advance Technologies. For the gamer, though, such niggles will be over-ridden by the need for gaming speed. In that respect the Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD roars away from its rivals.

Budget PCs chart ranking (March 08 issue)

  1. Arbico CD6750 SX
  2. Eclipse Fusion i670A385HD
  3. Advance Technologies AT-FX Air+
  4. CyberPower Gamer Ultra 550 - last month 2
  5. Eclipse Mirage Sli a60n86GT - last month 3

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