As the first £750 PC we've seen to feature an Intel Sandy Bridge processor, the CyberPower Infinity Achilles is blistering.

Due to a problem with the chipsets on some Intel Sandy Bridge motherboards, there may be problems with supply for this model. Check with the manfacturer to make sure. For full details, see: Intel Sandy Bridge recall: what you need to know.

As the first PC in this chart to specify one of Intel’s brand-new ‘Sandy Bridge’ processors, the Core i5-2400, the CyberPower Infinity Achilles is untouchable for raw performance. Its quad-core processor has a 3.1GHz clock speed, and benefits from an updated version of Turbo Boost – tech that can slightly increase the clock speed of multiple cores, or take a single core to 3.4GHz, when the machine is under load.

The CPU demands a new motherboard architecture, and CyberPower has selected an H67-chipset-based Gigabyte model for its Infinity Achilles desktop PC. This board supports SATA 6Gbps and a second graphics card, although only one can run at full X16-speed. The motherboard doesn’t support USB 3.0.

We recorded 149 points in WorldBench 6, which is nine points more than the CyberPower Infinity Achilles desktop PC’s closest rival, and the highest score we’ve seen in this category.

The money spent on a fast processor has forced CyberPower to compromise on the graphics, however. The supplied ATI Radeon HD 5770 can’t keep up with the HD 6850s and 6870s provided by the competition, and the CyberPower Infinity Achilles desktop PC recorded the slowest gaming scores here.

A 23.6in HKC 2249A monitor is included – a popular choice in this category, due to its reasonable overall quality and low price. It supports full-HD playback, although the CyberPower Infinity Achilles desktop PC isn't supplied with a Blu-ray drive.

Also included in the CyberPower Infinity Achilles desktop PC's specification is a 1TB hard drive, 4GB of RAM, and a set of Logitech stereo speakers with an auxiliary bass speaker.

Budget PCs chart ranking

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  2. CyberPower Infinity Achilles
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