A rather strange mixture of old and new, the Arbico CD7460GT still has enough cutting-edge features (for a sub-£500 PC) to make it worthy of consideration, even if it falls short of the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT's startling showing.

It's hard to compare the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT's Athlon 64 X2 6000+ processor with the Intel Core 2 Duo E6420 powering the Arbico CD7460GT - like the other Intel machines, the Arbico CD7460GT has just 1GB of DDR RAM, so you'd expect the 2GB Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT to produce better performance. But the latter's five-point WorldBench 6 lead is a significant one - chances are, the Intel E6420 simply isn't as good as the Athlon.

The Arbico CD7460GT has more hard drive space than our Best Buy, boasting a generous 250GB capacity. The HannsG HU196DP flat-panel, meanwhile, is an excellent display, compensating for its lack of widescreen support with a rock-steady image and attractive colours.

It's no coincidence that two PCs we've reviewed this month - along with the Arbico CD7460GT's older brother, the Arbico CD6320XL - come with flat-panels made by HannsG.

The Arbico CD7460GT's GeForce 7600 GT isn't a stellar graphics card. Indeed, it's now a distinctly ageing product that, while still able to keep up with the 8500 GTs' gaming framerates, lacks the DirectX 10.0 support offered by newer cards. That might not be a deal-breaker - it's doubtful that the 8500 GTs will be powerful enough to make a decent fist of DirectX 10.0 games - but the 7600 GT is definitely inferior to the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT's 8600 GT.


Overall then, the Arbico CD7460GT is a thoroughly satisfactory PC, albeit one that lacks the extra edge needed to make it a true rival for the Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT's Best Buy crown.

Chart ranking: budget PCs September 07 issue

1st place: Eclipse Ultimate A60N86GT
2nd place: Arbico CD7460GT
3rd place: CyberPower £500 PCA Machine
4th place: Arbico CD6320XL (last month 1st place)
5th place: Zoostorm 2-3305 Versatile PC