Samsung already has the budget laptops market sewn up with the deliciously priced £399 Samsung R60. The Samsung R700-A003UK is a rather different animal, filling in the gaps inevitably left by the R60's budget price tag. Despite this though, the R700's price is itself something of a sizzler given the specifications on board.

In many respects, the Samsung R700-A003UK is a slicker and slightly better rendition of the Packard Bell EasyNote. The processor is again the 1.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Mobile T5450. Something of a high performer at this price level, you can definitely find vastly inferior processors.

Add this to the 2GB of DDR RAM – memory is frequently very important in laptops – and the Samsung R700-A003UK is a machine that equals the Packard Bell's 72 WorldBench points.

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Where the Samsung R700-A003UK goes one better though, is with the storage. The Samsung's 250GB Hitachi drive offers bags and bags of space. It's generally much harder (and more expensive) to upgrade a laptop than it is to tweak a desktop PC, so getting this level of storage as standard is very much in the Samsung R700-A003UK's favour.

The Samsung R700-A003UK's screen is a vast 17in model – something of an exception to the flood of 15.4in TFTs that proliferate at this price point – and if the colour isn't quite as lip-smackingly gorgeous as on some laptops, the Samsung R700-A003UK's screen is still very solid and clean. The GeForce chips are making considerable waves in the laptop divisions at the moment, and the Samsung R700-A003UK's 8400M GS is a very capable graphics controller that hit more than 14 frames per second (fps) in our intensive FEAR tests.

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