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Bored of taking pictures with your smartphone or tablet camera? Well Blippar aims to offer something a bit different for you to do with that snapper.

What is Blippar? The firm has created its own dictionary style entry to explain: "Blipp v. & n. blipp-ed, blipp-ing: the action of instantaneously converting anything in the real world into an interactive wow experience." Read: 5 of the best apps and games for kids on smartphones and tablets.

Blippar makes use of the camera on your smartphone or tablet and presents an augmented reality experience on the screen. It goes much further that the boring QR code. See all Android app reviews.

When you first load Blippar it tells you to 'find something to Blipp' with no indication as to what is, er, Blippable? The app uses your camera to cleverly scan, in a somewhat jerky fashion, whatever it's looking at, if it's compatible then the item will come to life.  

The catalogue section of the app is there to tell you what things you can Blipp. Otherwise you'd have to just go through a painful trial and error process until you found something compatible. However, the catalogue doesn't have many entries and there's almost no information for the ones that are present.

Blippar ShortList The website also has a list of things you can Blipp and some you can try using your computer screen as opposed to needing a physical product in your hand. For example, I picked up a copy of Shortlist which had numerous sections for the app to pick up but if you didn't happen to get one then it's online.

Compatible real-world things which you can Blipp include various items of food such as Heinz ketchup and Wrigley's chewing gum. Not all experiences are augmented reality though; you might Blipp an item and be simply taken to a website. The idea is that you don’t know until you try but that can lead to disappointment in some cases.

A better example of a Blipp is the film, Oblivion. Scanning the front cover of the case starts an animated augmented reality experience where you can get bonus content, preview the film, view still and download the Drone Defender Oblivion game.

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