This season, football fans can watch video clips of all the goals from every Barclays Premier League match completely free, on the ESPN Goals app.

Yes, we said free. It’s not every day that we’re blown away by an app, but when we heard that we wouldn’t have to pay anything, we almost fainted.

As well as getting a video clip of every goal, you can also get live scores and stats, fixtures and results, weekend round-up clips and highlights from all 380 matches. The fact that you can get live scores via the app too, means all of you football fans out there will be using your Sky Sports News app less and less - sad but true.

In terms of build quality, ESPN has done a good job too. The app seldom freezes or crashes, and considering the amount of people that are fighting to use it every weekend and the amount of data it brings into your smartphone, makes 'not crashing' your smartphone an impressive feat. The picture quality isn't razor sharp, but oddly I see this as a good thing. You see, this app is mainly going to be used when you're on the go, which means relying on 3G, and the average football fan isn't going to want to wait for ages to see each clip - no matter how good the picture quality is.

The only downside to the app is that you can't see any of the goals from the 3pm Saturday kick offs. But this is due to UK law and there is nothing ESPN's boffins can do to change that. Sorry to end on a sour note.


The quality of the videos isn’t great (probably to make them load quicker) and, thanks to broadcasting laws, you have to wait until 5:15pm to see any goals scored on Saturday. But these two minor issues aside, this free app is a dream come true for sports fans.