Thanks to GPS on mobile phones, finding local points of interest has never been easier. But sorting through the resulting data remains laborious - enter BlackBerry app Poynt.

Poynt takes all the things you might want to do - eating out, going to the cinema and so on - and tells you which cinemas and restaurants are nearest.

The list of cinemas includes which films are showing at each one, and you can opt to watch a trailer when tackling the problem of what to go and see. Poynt's greatest strength is that it's aware of your location.

That means you can simply pick a restaurant on the basis that it's close to you: who knows, you might discover a local gem you never suspected existed?

Once Poynt's created a list of nearby places - something that happens impressively fast - it can add them to your BlackBerry's Maps application (or Google Maps, should you choose) and give you directions.

There are a few disappointing limitations. Actually buying a cinema ticket via Poynt seems to be restricted to the USA at present, which is a shame as it would make Poynt breath-taking. Restaurant listings can be a bit frustrating as well: some listings include a brief blurb about the restaurant and a link to the website, others simply a phone number.

None of the listings we saw on Poynt included a review: a disappointment compared to Google Maps.

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Poynt: Specs

  • Compatible BlackBerry handset
  • internet connection
  • Compatible BlackBerry handset
  • internet connection


Poynt costs nothing, and while there are a few annoyances, it's well worth downloading for a near-instant snapshot of what's on near you.