The stock market is a tricky place to make sense of, not least because it's constantly changing. Bloomberg has offices in more than 150 countries and is a recognised leader in financial news - and you can get the benefit of its expertise and reach for free.

The application itself is free and you don't need to supply your details to Bloomberg to take advantage of the My Stocks option.

Instead, Bloomberg Mobile is ad-supported, with banner advertisements appearing along the top and bottom of various screens.

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You can view and track virtually any stock. Go to the stock finder and type in 'Micro' and it finds results as you type - in this case suggesting companies such as Trend Micro, Microsoft and AMD.

From there you can see a chart of the company's last 52 weeks of trading, plus links to news stories involving the company you're looking at. Once you've searched for a stock, Bloomberg Mobile allows you to add the company to the My Stocks section, allowing you to keep track of a few favourites. You can also add columns and tickers to your phone's home screen.


The amount of news coverage generated by Bloomberg is absolutely immense. It's so huge, in fact, that the inability to search its news content for specific keywords is actually a bit of an annoyance - you're restricted to manually scanning headlines for companies or keywords yourself. But for keeping track of specific companies, rather than keeping abreast of more general news, Bloomberg Mobile works incredibly well.

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