Belkin n52te full review

The Belkin n52te is a game keypad with a wrist rest, and the inevitable blue backlighting.

There are fifteen keys on the Belkin n52te, as well as a mini console-style joystick, a scroll wheel, and a couple of other buttons and switches.

The supplied software lets you assign any keystroke, or combination of keystrokes, to any of the Belkin n52te's keys. Press the key and your macro is replayed, with an optional programmable delay between each step. Each layout can be saved, and up to three layouts can be recalled quickly.

If you're a gamer you'll love the Belkin n52te - it makes it easy to rain digital death on virtual enemies using those hard-to-remember combo moves.

The Belkin n52te also has potential for creative applications, controlling zooms and editing macros.

In fact, our only minor quibble with the Belkin n52te is that it's made for left-handed use - there's no right-hand version for southpaws.

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Belkin n52te: Specs

  • backlit keyboard and scrollwheel
  • enhanced tactile feedback
  • 15 programmable keys
  • wrist pad
  • programmable 8-way thumb pad
  • nonslip rubber pads
  • quick start guide
  • Nostromo Array Programming Software. Requires Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.2.8 and later
  • USB port
  • CD or DVD drive
  • 35MB free hard-disk space
  • DirectX compatible video card

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